The plan and structure of the abstract

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The plan and structure are the foundation of the abstract.

The plan and structure are the foundation of the Without them, there can be no clear, logical and structured presentation. Many students do not understand what the structure of the abstract should be, so in this article we will share tips to help students make their research paper plan.

The structure of the abstract can be absolutely different. It all depends on the particular university and the teacher. However, always and everywhere it is required that the plan of the abstract was clear, as exhaustive as possible, but also brief at the same time.

In the abstract should not be too many chapters and paragraphs. If the student with them too much, it means that he was not able to understand the essence of the to the end and did not think through the structure of the scientific work.

As a rule, an abstract on any subject contains: introduction, table of contents, the main part of the text (about 3-4 sections), conclusion, list of references, appendices (in rare cases). At the introduction allocated 2 pages, where the purpose of research, justifies the relevance of the topic, briefly analyzes the used literature, sets the objectives and methods of writing an abstract.

The main part - the main sections of the abstract, where the results of the study. Sometimes it is necessary to insert a table, formulas or diagrams.

In some cases, it is possible to make out paragraphs under the sections, in order to reveal the topic in more detail. After each chapter, the student should analyze the of the study, summarize and write the conclusion in their own words. However, it should be remembered that the introduction and conclusion are each allocated 2 pages. Therefore, it is desirable to write the main part for a maximum of 19 pages.

After the main part the student will summarize the above research, that is, write a general conclusion for all sections. For the conclusion the student is allocated two pages, where he or she structures the content, highlights the main points, describes the overall impression of what he or she has read.

Before making a plan and writing an abstract, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly: read the relevant material (literature), identify the main idea, define the purpose, task and methodology of the work. Only after that you can begin to write the abstract.


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