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Buy Cosmetic Raw Materials What is Boseine Powder? Boseine, also known as PRO-XYLANE, the Chinese name is "Hydroxypropyl Tetraoxypyrantriol". The Chinese name displayed in the cosmetic ingredient list is not the well-known name Boseine. It is a xylose derivative with anti-aging actives that promotes collagen synthesis, making skin stronger and more elastic, improving fine lines on the neck and preventing aging. Boseine is a mixture of glycoproteins derived from xylose. Since xylose is abundantly present in beech trees, it has the ability to promote the production of glycosaminoglycans, namely glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). As Boseine extracted from beech trees, its effect is similar to that of xylose. Boseine was originally derived from a European plant, beech, which is rich in xylose. Boseine is a glycoprotein mixture extracted from beech xylose. Most of the current Boseine is artificially synthesized from beech xylitol. Boseine is essentially a glycoprotein polymer that promotes the secretion of GAGs (glycosaminoglycans). Glycosaminoglycan is an extracellular matrix, which is often referred to as hyaluronic acid, and it is called hyaluronic acid in laymen. What is the benefits of Boseine Powder? 1. Help the skin absorb the active ingredients in cosmetics. Boseine is a kind of ether and belongs to a kind of non-ionic surfactant. It has remarkable dispersing and emulsifying ability. Like ethanol, it can help other active ingredients enter the skin and be absorbed by the skin. At the same time, it has the functions of moisturizing, enhancing skin elasticity and improving skin texture. And for many people who are intolerant to A-alcohol and have fragile and sensitive skin, Bosein, a substance that mimics xylose in the skin, may be a better choice. 2. Promote the synthesis of glycosaminoglycan GAGs. The extracellular matrix of our skin contains substances called GAGs (glucosaminoglycans), which form a network structure that prevents skin moisture loss, links various tissues in the skin, and maintains skin elasticity and elasticity. Tight. As the skin ages, our ability to synthesize GAGs decreases, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles. Boseine can improve skin elasticity and alleviate skin wrinkles by stimulating the synthesis of GAGs. 3. Promote the synthesis of collagen types IV and VII. Boseine can promote dermal cells to accelerate the production of type IV and type VII collagen, strengthen the dermis-epidermal connection, make glycosaminoglycans fill in the network of type IV collagen, improve skin relaxation caused by aging, and then reduce wrinkle. 4. Ultrasmall molecules Its molecular weight is only about 200D. We all know that the stratum corneum of the skin is the "firm defense line" of the skin, and the molecular weight of more than 600 Daltons is impenetrable. However, Boseine with a molecular weight of only 200D can penetrate the surface layer of the skin and reach the dermis layer. What is the application of Boseine Powder? Applied in the field of cosmetics. As an anti-aging ingredient, Bosein is widely used in the field of cosmetics, and its products run through the three major markets of high-end, mid-end and low-end. Bosein has a good anti-aging effect. In addition, Bosein also has the functions of promoting the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and improving the ultrastructure of the dermis-epidermal junction. With its good performance, Bosein has been accepted by many cosmetics. Enterprises are widely concerned.Buy Cosmetic Raw Materials website: