The library of the educational institution

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Methodology can be obtained from the relevant department

Methodology can be obtained from the relevant department, the library of the educational institution, or from the supervisor. Many professors now provide students with a link to the best essay website methodical instructions in electronic form.

Do not disregard the instructions, because any, even a minor detail can lead to a significant reduction in grade.  For example, a grade may well be lowered just for: the use of inappropriate font; wrong margins; improperly designed headings; wrong arrangement of page numbers, etc.

There are many different subtleties and nuances by which the teacher will immediately notice that you have not read or used the manual in preparing the work. Practice shows that such ignoring the recommendations of the department leads to disastrous results.

Therefore, in order not to spend a lot of time on rewriting your work, not to ruin a good relationship with teachers, not to risk your reputation in the eyes of others and not to be reputed as a slacker and rebel, who has difficulty looking into the rules and comply with them - study the methodology and write a term paper in accordance with its instructions.