Rebar Bending Machines factory

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Rebar Bending Machines factoryRebar Bending Machines factory

Rebar Bending Machines factory Product Feature The steel bar of our GW50 Rebar Bending Machine is squared between the central axis of the work plate and the corresponding forming shaft, and the inner side of the iron shaft. When the work plate rotates, one end of the steel bar is prevented from turning by the iron stop shaft, and the position of the central shaft is unchanged, while the forming shaft rotates in an arc about the central shaft to push the steel bar. Product Description The GW50 Rebar Bending Machine is mainly composed of home, motor, transmission system, working mechanism, such as work plate, insert seat, holder, shaft, etc. There are walking wheels under the frame for easy movement, which has longer service life for use and there is no special need of maintaining. In addition, there are two kinds of model option, providing more choices to meet need. As a matter of fact, it is available of high speed operation, with reliable performance. GW50GW50A 4KW4KW 380V380V 1800r/min1800r/min 5-18r/min5-18r/min 鈮?40mm鈮?40mm 鈮?36mm鈮?36mm 300KG300KG Copper wire motor is more durable PRECISION BENDING Heavier disc, more quicker and stable performance of bending process. Double-switch an adjust the speed flexible. CNC control system can be added as customer request. Stronger and thicker body, can have more stable performance when operation. Warning sign is ensure safely during operation.Rebar Bending Machines factory website: